Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Another very welcoming and amiable family

A surprise was waiting for me when I entered my new room. The two girls sang a welcome song to welcome me to the family. I was so touched! My new family is a very compassionate and sweet-tempered family, each and everyone of them. The two girls are the most well-mannered kids I've ever met. :) I feel very welcome to their family, even the hamster and guinea pig welcome me. lol.

Mina with her impressive artpiece!
Melody with 小pudding :p
The 2 charming girls
Celebrating ama's birthday together :)

It's my first time riding an electric bike (on the road) to school today. I was kinda nervous hahaha :p But yay!! I managed to go to school and back home safely :D

Today we have a steamboat session in class (primary 2). Each of the kids brought one type of ingredients. The kids in the class are so funny. As they were divided into 2 groups for the steamboat, each of the group kept asking me to sit with them to eat together. So I told them that I will sit with the group who cooked the nicest food. :D Each of them claimed that they cooked the nicest vege, the nicest bla bla.. Lol. One particular cute boy named Sam said, "Our group eat very little food, so you should sit with us. The other group eat so much, you won't get to eat anything." Hahahaha :p Another girl also told me that she brought 2 large bottles of soft-drinks, while the other group have none, so I have to sit with her. In the end, I was too busy helping them cooking the food that I don't really sit with any of the group as I was eating while standing. Hahaha :p They were really excited about the steamboat session that a lot of them told the teacher that they were not able to sleep they day before. XD

Washing vegetables for steamboat XD (lots of lettuce!!)
Excited and Happy kids

Our steamboat pots :)

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