Monday, 13 January 2014

Beautiful 梅山 and 安平

During the weekend, we went to 梅山. It's really really beautiful there, all the 梅花 is on its peak (where the flower is all blooming or starting to fall). We were told by the boss of the eatery place that we were lucky because we came at the perfect time, when the flowers are all blooming and at its prettiest ♥. We purposely went to 梅山to eat 梅子鸡, where the chicken is cooked in a plum soup. Super unique and delicious! :D The drink is made from plum too!

with Mina  :)
wiht Melody :)
a wondeful family ^^
the very nice we ate in Mei Shan

Oil painting time. These family are very talented :)

Mina's artpiece
Melody's artpiece
A mother-daughter bonding time XD
the cute little girl wanted to draw too
while I'm babysitting, so the moms could draw in peace

Another trip to 安平. Even though I have been to 安平 3 times, I never get bored of it because going with different people and to different parts of 安平 gives me different feeling.

Today is my home-stay father's birthday. The kids and I made a birthday card for him. Hopefully he likes it. :)

Birthday Card in the making :)
Ready to make a surprise
Birthday celebration with good friends

P1 class with their "pet" creation :)

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