Sunday, 5 January 2014

♥ Thank you Ben & Luna ♥

Love and Warmth of a Wonderful Family

Today is my last day in Ben's house. They are a very loving family with brilliant kids. Thank you so much Ben and Luna for hosting me, for your care (esp when I was sick that time), for your super nice home-cooked food, for giving me a different perspectives on a lot of things in life. Trista and Rex are very lucky to have both of you as parents, a very motivated and encouraging father, and  a creative and dedicated mother (and also a great cook!). To the two cute kids, thank you for being a great little brother and sister :) Rex, I hope you remember the word "car", "bear", "flower", and "rabbit". Hahaha :p

A great mother, Luna ♥
Rex XD
Trista :D
Our journey together

In a place that used to be a sugarcane storage place
It's good to have a pair as they can take care of each other :)

Gathering before I move out

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