Thursday, 2 January 2014

Old & New in Taiwan XD

My new year in Taiwan is awesome! :D I went to 義大 to "khua nian". The fireworks was amazing! Really!! :D Thank you so much to Hui Ju and 柄雄 for driving, tour-guiding and accompanying me :D. I really enjoy myself! :) We went to Eda quite early and did some window-shopping, eating, riding ferris wheel, then eating again, and eat and eat before we finally watched the singing performance and fireworks. We got a really good spot to watch the fireworks. Here are some of the photos:

After the fireworks, in the middle of the large crowd
The awesome fireworks :)

View of Eda World at night
On the first day of new year, we went to 安平, an ancient town located in Tainan City. There are a lot of nice food there. The first thing we did when we reach there is to eat the very famous 韭菜包 (garlic chive buns). We had to queue for about 20 mins just for that. Hahaha, we'll do anything for nice food! :D Afterwards we walked around 安平老街 and ate more food. :p I bought a cute little cactus, hopefully I can bring it back to Singapore. I cooked something like a cake (but it's crispy and really sweet) from brown sugar. It's fun, but the cake was way too sweet. XD We also went to Sio House (Salt Museum), where there are 366 different colour of salts (one for each day in a year). I bought a boiled egg covered in green color shell (which is actually salt) and i need to break the shell using a wooden mallet to eat the egg. :D We can eat the egg with the salt shell. It's so unique! I wrote a postcard to myself and my parents there! They have postcard sending service, so it's really convenient :) By then, i t was already night, we went to 海安路, a street with a lot of artwork and ancient building. Just nice, we saw Dr.William Lai (賴清德) during the inauguration of some art exhibition, so I took a photo with him! (luckily he is nice enough to stop for a while to take a picture with me :p I was a bit shy though, so I stand quite far apart and don't dare to ask for second photo :/)

Pretty and Cute Cactus
A very nice and cheap ice cream shop
The 366 colored salt
Eggs wrapped in colored salt shell

Me cracking the egg :D

With my awesome friends <3

Cooking the cake/candy
In front of a very old house (transformed to a cafe)

The famous coffin bread
Yummy Ice Tofu

Encounter with Dr.William Lai XD
An extremely good artwork on a wall

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