Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fulfilling and Fruitful days :)

I am very very happy that I can see some improvement for most of the student. XD From 0 to 65 and from pass to 100 . The kids are also getting more participative in class, which may be the reason why they improve a lot. I am also glad that some of them find me during their free time to ask me about certain English words. I hope that they can keep up the good work, and continue to be an active learner.

English Singing Session with the P1 :D
Lunch together under the warm sun :D
A drawing by a P2 kid (of his grandmother)
Another drawing by a P2 kid (of his great grandfather)

Last Friday I went to another Elementary School called 甲中 to introduce Indonesian culture to them. I am scheduled to visit the school twice, once this week, and the second one next week. The principal, directors and teachers there are very friendly too. :D Even though the kids there were a little bit shy, they were willing to answer me whenever I asked them questions. They said they will prepare questions to ask me the next time I came so they can practice their English. Hahaha, good good :D

During the weekend, I went to a high school in Tainan as Trista was performing for a dance item. At night, at the very same place, there is a play done by a bunch of amazing and talented people. The Paper Windmill Theatre are doing a project called “First mile kids’ smile” in which they travel to 368 of Taiwan’s townships, cities, and municipal districts to bring smile to the children’s face. The play is totally free (so that every kids get to watch it) and their project is only depending on donation from company and individual. Respect! The play that I watched is the 64th one. It’s not just any random play, it is a well-rehearsed and professional play. I was awestruck throughout the whole play. I feel really really lucky that I have the opportunity to watch their play!

Dance performance in the afternoon
The rehearsal of the play in the afternoon
Passing of the Huge Sea Creature's Balloon
The awesome crew :D
During the rehearsal (Oh, this is the best part!
especially when it's performed at night!! XD
Group photo with the crew
Happy gathering after the play :)

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