Monday, 30 December 2013

Wedding, Art, Music

This weekend is very special to me. I went to a wedding reception. It's my first time attending a Taiwanese wedding. It's kinda similar to a normal Chinese wedding in Singapore and Indonesia, except the fact that they prepare the food outside the building. Ben told me that is is very normal here, except if the wedding reception is in a big hotel. It was a 12-course lunch, and it's really really very filling. They even prepared plastic packaging on the table for us to take-away as they know we won't be able to finish the food, hahahaha! :p I was there in the photo, somehow, when they were photographing the relatives of the bride. Hahaha, I think the couple will wonder who this girl is in the photo when it's printed out. Anw, I took a photo with the bride too :)

With Pretty Trista & Handsome Rex
with the bride :)

I also went to a lot of museums together with the P3 kids as part of their class trip organised by 林老师. Thanks laoshi for bringing me along :D He is a very dedicated and passionate teacher, who is willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of the kids. I myself learned a lot about Taiwan history (from the prison visit and the historical building visit) and ceramic pottery. It's also my first time taking the Alishan red train XD hehe, it's so unique because alishan traditional song was played in the atrain during the journey and that we get to wave to the people that we saw outside :p. Haha, I felt like a little kid XD Oh, it is also my first time to visit a prison. It was damn creepy when I looked at the whole row of dark and tiny cells that used to contain a toilet bowl + 7 people each.

In front of Alishan Train
林老师 teaching the kids along the journey
In front of the prison
Over the weekend I made a few new friends. One of them is a great couple: an artistic husband, Toph and a talented wife, Sunny. We chatted for very long during our visit to their home. I saw some of Toph's artwork, and it's really meaningful. I always wonder how an artist's mind work and different they look at things. I really respect this family because while they have the chance to stay overseas, they choose to come back to Taiwan, stay and take care of the grandmother (she is 94 years old and super healthy by the way). I also learned that Toph has made a big decision in his life by leaving his job of 18 years and pursue his hobby of painting instead. To me it really take much courage to do such things. From him, I learned that we can make our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. :) Anw, we planned to meet up for a coffee when I'm back to Singapore since they will be going there for a few days.

with Sunny's family
On Sunday, I attended a very unique music concert specially for kids. You know how usually music concert works. You have to keep quiet, listen attentively to the music or simply falling asleep :p However, for this concert, they involved the kids (and parents), by singing or dancing together. You might think that this concert doesn't sound like a good music concert and all, but it's totally the opposite. It was amazing!! The music that they play were really good (one that I really like is Fur Elise). I especially love the piano part. The purpose of the concert is to show the kids that music and learning musical instruments is fun. And I strongly believe that they succeed in achieving it. There was one surprise in the middle of the concert. The pianist's grandfather (105 year old!) was in the concert hall and it's his birthday. They musicians played a happy birthday song for him while we sang. It was really touching that I teared.

And my third week is over. So fast.

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