Saturday, 28 December 2013

A new family; A different experience; A new challenge

It has been a few days since I moved to a new home, with another awesome and unique family. :) They are a very motivated and positive family, whose father (Ben) loves music, mother (Luna) loves art and craft, and the kids (Trista and Rex) who loves candies & chocolates. Hahaha :p I'm told that I'll be attending a Taiwanese wedding, a concert, and a camp, while eating delicious home-cooked food. They are a really homey family. :)
Rex & Trista

Christmas is finally  here, and there are Santa Claus here and there to surprise the kids and to make their day, including the 聖誕鬼公公 who appeared mysteriously and giving out candies to the kids in school. Until now, his identity is still unknown. :p In the morning of Christmas Day, we have a Christmas activity in school prepared by Eric, 柄雄, and myself, while the school principal himself disguised himself as a Santa Claus. I'm glad that the kids had fun and felt really happy. :)

Santa Claus at the Night Market

Kids playing games :)
Santa Claus giving out gifts (I got one too!)
Kids checking out their gifts as the champion team
The Reindeers :)
The kindergarten's kids join in the fun too
The gifts we prepared

Oh, and I made a candy house with the P2 on Christmas Day!!

My two cute teachers! :D
A really nice candy house made by this P1 boy! (much better than mine!)
My candy house :)

For teaching wise, I found a new challenge. I just realized there is a big ability gap in some of the classes. Some of the kids are quite good in their English, while some of them don't have a strong basic of abc. I have to think of a way to teach both group at the same time, while trying to bridge that gap. At the same time, I am giving out extra practices for those who wants to learn more. The kids here are really self-motivated and are willing to learn, which encourages me to also give my best to them while I'm still around.

I fell sick for the past few days. Thanks to all the really caring people around me, I recover really fast! Thanks to the school nurse, directors, teachers, and students, who asked me how I was everyday, giving me hot drinks and fruits, heating up my food so I don't eat cold food while I'm sick, giving me scarf to keep me warm, and giving me sweets so I can feel better (from all the sweet boys and girls)! And also to Luna especially, for taking care of me, preparing hot drinks and porridge for me, and giving me massages with that unique tool! Thank you everyone. :)

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