Sunday, 15 December 2013

One Week Just Fly Past

This week I'm attached to the 6th graders. I learned a little bit about their background. There are only 5 students. They are really talented kids: some are very good at drawing, some are really good at making art and craft, playing drums, and many more!! They are really sweet and polite, even though they are quite shy at first. I love this class a lot :).
A lovely boy - a drawing artist (ps. that's a pomelo skin on his head lol)

Last week was my first week of teaching. I teach P1-P6 students, mainly English and culture sharing. They are a lively bunch of students. Most of them are very curious and like to ask questions, which is very good! That is what I called learning! It is quite different from the students in my home countries. They will usually keep quiet when there is any question asked. All of my first lesson with all the classes is an introductory class, which I asked them to introduce themselves in English holding their own drawing. They did very well at it! I hope they remember certain new English words that I taught, which is mostly related to what they have drawn.
My own introduction

For culture sharing, I choose to introduce Indonesia in the details instead of Singapore because I think Indonesia have a much longer history and deep-rooted culture compare to Singapore. Also, I am more familiar with Indonesian culture since I was born and lived there for 15 years. Geographical location, flag, food, and other interesting facts about Indonesia are what I shared with the people here. The students here are very smart I must say. :) I really love to teach them. However, when the P1 and P2 combined together in a class, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, hahaha. Luckily, the kind Eric was there to help me along to calm these little kids down by giving out chocolate and sweets :p 
My culture sharing materials

Last Saturday, I went to Hai Dian Guo Xiao with the Bei Shi's students, parents and teachers as our students were invited to perform Tai Gu for their 20th anniversary. It was WOWWWW-ing! a really awesome performance! Somemore, when I asked them if they are nervous before their performance, all of them said "No". Such brave and talented souls :) I also saw the art exhibition of Hai Dian Guo Xiao, the students are very very creative, their art pieces are sooooo nice and detailed (I can't even do those things!). I wish to share and implement this kind of learning that encourage creativity in my home countries.

Bei Shi students performing Tai Gu in another elementary school
Group Photo at Hai Dian Guo Xiao

I went to AliShan with Joanna, Jennifer and their father this weekend. It was a wonderful trip. The weather is very cold there! We enjoy the scenery by walking around and I tried wasabi sausage during the walk >.< I cringed my nose everytime I took a bit. Well, at least I tried something different, :p.
Alishan Trip :)

Just like that, first week have passed by. Time flies.

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