Friday, 20 December 2013

Cold Outside, Warm Inside

It is freezingly cold everyday, especially in the morning when I woke up. I always don't feel like getting out of hiding place, my blanket. But I also want to go to school to chit-chat with the kids and witness their cute behaviour. Hahaha :p I want to thank each and every person here, especially 主任(both male and female), 方老师 and my host family, for being very caring and taking care of me while I'm here. Thanks for the hot drinks and soup, warm clothes, thermos, and a lot of other things. It really warms my heart. 

Hot Red Tea + Milk
Hot Jelly-like drink

There is one story that made me laugh continuously: When I was eating lunch with the P5 students yesterday, the students reminded each other to leave some soup for me. One of the ingredient in the soup is 猪血 (cube-shaped pig blood) which is blackish/chocolate in colour. They like to eat it so much, but they still want to leave some for me. However, they don't know how to say it in English, so when they are in the midst of reminding each other, the conversation goes something like this (in Chinese of course):
"Remember to leave some of the 猪血 for Josephine ok, don't eat finish everything!"
"Did she know what 猪血 is??"
"Never mind lah, just tell her it's CHOCOLATE."
Hahahaha, omg, I laughed nonstop as I totally understand what they're saying and I know what that 猪血 is. LOL.

I also saw something interesting in school yesterday. There is a van that sells lots of types of drinks every Thursday in school. The school I'm teaching in don't have a canteen (as they have an awesome cook that take care of their lunch everyday). I just anyhow pick the drink and when I asked the students what that was, they told me it's called 多多. Well, that doesn't really help me understand what drink it is, but I just bought it anyway, hahaha. It tasted like yakult, at a much cheaper price and bigger bottle. XD
A friendly uncle selling drinks (hot and cold) in his van

Today we made 汤圆 (glutinous rice flour) in school, together as a class. The kids get to make their own Tang Yuan, and they made a lot of weird-shaped Tang Yuan, such as: pizza, puff, cube, french fries, and other unknown shapes. I made a few myself. I made one pinkish-white star-shaped Tang Yuan. :p Hahahaha :p
Uniquely shaped Tang Yuan by the 6th graders (and myself)
Pot full of Yummy Tang Yuan

Hakka style Tang Yuan (by P1 teacher)
Extremely excited 5th graders waiting for their teacher to finish cooking

I saw Christmas light decoration in school today, it's very nice. It should be even nicer at night, but I can't stay back in school for too long as I need to cycle back home myself and it's not good to go back too late when the sky is dark). It's all done by 柄雄 and Eric. They are doing their army service in the school. They both take care of the school and kids very well. They are like their big bro! Hahaha :p Thanks to both of them for always helping me (in calming the kids down and in our Christmas activity project) and being a dedicated photographer. :D

Christmas light decoration (the sky is too bright!)
Flowers in school 

My bike ^^


  1. your student is so funny, 猪血 = chocolate , nice expression (y) , because they have the same color LOL

  2. Haha, yeah, they are just tooo sweeeeetttt XD So young but they know how to share :)