Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I feel so loved here ^^

It is extremely cold these few days. It keeps raining and the wind is very strong. I cycle to and back from school everyday. However these few days, it's so hard to cycle it feels like my bike always going sideways as the wind is too strong, lol. Anyway, yesterday I couldn't go back on my own as it was raining so heavily. Luckily my host mom, Petty, is very nice and fetch me from school.

I am getting more familiar with the kids and people here. I feel so loved! The teachers would brought me food or drinks at random timing, be it to warm me down in this cold weather (thanks 方老师 for the hot drink), or just to introduce me to Taiwan food aka. making me chubbier (thanks Molly and 主任). Haha :p. When the kids saw me, some of the them would just come over and hug me. <3 They would ask me if I've eaten, if I am going to their class etc. :) Below is what the 3rd graders drew in front of their classroom to welcome me <3 <3. Lovely kids ^^
3rd grade's masterpiece
This morning, I joined their flag raising for the first time. After flag raising, there's a short drama play by the 3rd graders, they are so cute, XD They did this kind of drama play every week and the teachers are very supportive and encouraging. I think this kind of activities are the main reason why these kids are very open, outgoing, and outspoken. Afterwards, they did exercise and running around the track together, including the principal and teachers! :D
Drama Play by 3rd graders

These few days, I've been preparing materials that will make my English class more interesting. For the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, their lesson will be about Christmas, so they will learn a lot of new words related to Christmas. :) There's also a video and class activity. I hope it is not too difficult for them. As for the 3rd grade, it's mostly on daily conversation question and answer. For the 1st and 2nd grade, we learn abc and words related to the alphabets and the most fun part is singing together! XD

Today is Molly's last day in school. The P6 students are not willing to let her go, hahaha :p Me too actually, if I have the power to do so. She is a really nice colleague and teacher. The students respect and adore her at the same time. :) They love her! :). I want to be a teacher like her, Thanks a lot for your accompany, for bringing me all the nice food, for helping me with a lot of things. We will miss you Molly!! Let's keep in contact :)

Molly and me :)

Molly's little brothers and sisters in BeiShi
A great teacher!

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  1. Taiwanese kids are so adorable! You should be very lucky to teach them ^^