Monday, 9 December 2013

First Day In The Friendly Country

The plane touched down at Taipei on 7 Dec at 5am. I was excited, yet anxious as I have to be on my from that time onward. With the help and guide from my sister, I managed to reach at Taichung safely. Unsurprisingly, just as what I've been told by many, Taiwanese are very friendly. The people here are very gentle, approachable and helpful. As I have to go to travel around during the day before settling down at a hostel/hotel, it's very inconvenient for me to bring my huge luggage around. The luggage keeping service at the train station was full at that point of time :(. Fortunately, the staff at the 7-eleven nearby offered to keep my luggage for the day free of charge!! How much nicer could these people be, I'm so touched ;).

I went to 彩虹村(the rainbow village) and 高美 on the first day with my friends. I especially love 高美. It is a very beautiful and serene place. I felt so peaceful when I was there. I also managed to catch the beautiful sunset scene with my own eyes :)

I stayed at Puli for the night and went to 清境农场 the next day early in the morning. I purposely went there to see the sheep :D. They are sooo cute XD. My friend and I called the sheep as "meh meh" hahaha :p. I have to leave quite early though as I have to rush back to Taichung train station to take my luggage and then take the high speed train to Tainan to meet my buddy and host family. The high speed train here is really cool and nice! The ticket price is a little bit expensive though. However, it's a once in a lifetime experience, and I get to see very nice scenery of Taiwan along the way. :)

Once I reached Tainan, my buddy, Jeff,  picked me up and bring me to the principal and host family. They even wrote a big welcome note and waved at me when I descended down the escalator!! Jennifer and Joanna, the two kids that I am going to stay with for the first two weeks are very lively and cute! XD Looking forward to interact more with them and the rest of the people here. :)

Beautiful Sunset at 高美
At Rainbow Village with a Mysterious Friendly Man

At Gao Mei with friends (photo by Ong Jian Liang)

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